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Klass Loundres Activities
Kate Neale, a member of the class, gave the 2017 Rosyer Lecture. 'Cousin Jack's Christmas: Cornish Carols in South Australia and California' based on her doctoral research. After our planned speaker dropped out at he last minute, Roger stepped in to give the 2018 Rosyer Lctuure, 'Staging the Ordinalia, Britain's Oldest Play'.
Mark Elton, Stephen Gadd & Tony Hak performed the Spam sketch in Cornish to two of the Pythons, live on BBC's The One Show Roger hosted a World Cup day, where members of the class had a go at commentating on a World Cup match. Listen to the results here. Here's the football vocabulary list.
Tony Hak has translated Alice Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, which will be published by the Cornish Language Board (Kesva An Taves Kernewek). Stephen Gadd hosted a Tregedna Day in his house in Bounds Green, which included a walk of the local area. Listen to a report of the day.
The first performance of Bewnans Ke in 500 years, by members of the class at the 2014 Cornish Language Weekend at Newquay. Here Owbra (Polin) bathes Tewdar (Mark) as Ke (Roger) is away enclosing his land. Mark Trevethan (with a little help from Tony, Roger & Arwyn) has translated the Tintin book 'The Black Island' into Cornish - the first in the language. It is available from Dalen Kernow.
All your favourite characters from Bora Brav have been brought to life by Tamara, Roger, Polin, Mark, Tony, Penny, Gary, Jackie, Philip & Hilary - along with amazing guest star, Radio Cornwall's Elizabeth Stewart - in this CD featuring all the dialogue from the book. It is available from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and maybe Tony, but you'd need to ask him. Three Topsy & Tim books have been translated into Cornish by Tony Hak (along with another Spot book) as they're his favourite books, and a lot shorter than War & Peace. Available from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and no doubt one or two other places as well.
Members of the class performed Polin Prys's play 'Murder at the Gorsedd' at the 2013 Cornish Language Weekend at Newquay in April. Stephen Gadd (with help from Tony Hak) has translated the childrens' book 'Matthew and the Wellington Boots' into Cornish. A bilingual English/Cornish version for Kindle is available on Amazon, after an online campaign forced Amazon to change their policy of not supporting the Cornish language.
Polin Prys's Cornish textbook 'Bora Brav' has been published by the Kesva in both Kernewek Kemmyn and main form Standard Written Form, and is available in all good bookshops. Perfect for beginners and intermediate students of the language. The Dallethoryton!
Roger Courtenay hosted a Dydh Tregedna (only Cornish spoken) day at his house in Canada Water, London, where activities included a walk of the local area and much karaoke singing of well known (and some not so well known) songs translated into Cornish, many of which were translated by Roger and Mark Trevethan, and can be found in the Maga karaoke songbook. Tony Hak translated Owen's Voyage by Armel Le Sec'h into Cornish and English from the original Breton. Published by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek.
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