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Welcome to the website for the group of Cornish speakers who go to the Cornish language class at the City Lit in Holborn / Covent Garden, London, the largest Cornish class in the world, with around 30 members.

The group is lively and friendly and we cater for all standards from complete beginners to fluent speakers wanting to meet others, including bards and members of the Cornish Language Board (Kesva an Taves Kernewek) and authors in the language. We put on Cornish language events, such as 'Cornish only' days, perform plays, and play an active role in events in Cornwall such as the annual Cornish Language Weekend.

We are always looking for new members, of any standard, so please get in touch either by contacting Polin 'Jo' P'Rhys at, Tony Hak on 01344 424105 or signing up directly with the City Lit for our classes on Friday evenings.


Stephen Gadd has written a newsletter that you can read here.

Mark Elton was awarded the Paul Smales Medal at the Cornish Gorsedh in St. Just in September 2019 for services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Mark Elton was made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh in Newquay in September 2018.

Rosyer Lecture 2018: Dr. Roger Courtenay (Ke), a member of the class, 'How to stage the Ordinalia, Britain's oldest play.'

Members of the class performed part of the old Cornish play Resurrexio Domini at the Cornish Language Weekend in Newquay, April 2018.

Rosyer Lecture 2017: Kate Neale, a member of the class, 'Cousin Jack's Christmas: Cornish Carols in South Australia and California.'

Penny Champion & Jackie Wheaton were made bards at the Cornish Gorsedh in St. Keverne on 3rd September 2016.

Rosyer Lecture 2016: Will Coleman, 'The Playing Places of Cornwall.'

Members of the class performed an extract from Bywnans Ke at the Cornish language weekend in Newquay in April 2016, the first time it had been performed in 500 years.

Mark Trevethan is no longer with us. He has moved to Cornwall to become the Cornish Language Lead for Cornwall Council.

Stephen Gadd was made a bard of the Gorsedh in St. Austell in September 2015, and Gary Retallick won the top prize in the Gorsedh competition for his poetry.

Rosyer Lecture 2015: Caroline Vile, 'Fogous'

Members of the class performed an abridged version of The Magic Flute at the Cornish Language Weekend in Newquay in April 2015, the first time ever this had been performed in Cornish.

Five members of the class were interviewed live on the radio at various times during the day as part of Radio Cornwall's London special on 2nd Dec. 2014

Roger won the top prize in the Gorsedh competition for his short story in Cornish; Mark T. was highly commended. Gary won the prize for poetry; Philip was highly commended.

Rosyer Lecture 2014: Alan Kent, 'Celtic Cornwall: Nation, Tradition, Invention,' City Lit, 12th July. Take a look at the flyer.

Tony, Stephen & Mark Elton appeared on BBC's The One Show performing the Spam sketch in Cornish for two of the Pythons

Roger, Mark (T) & Stephen have had a go at commentating on a World Cup match. The results can be heard here.

A Cornish version of Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, translated & prepared by Tony Hak, with help from Mark & Roger, has been published by the Cornish Language Board

A report of our Tregedna day has been played on Radyo an Gernewegva

The London launch of 'An Ynys Dhu', the first Tintin in Cornish - translated by Mark Trevethan - was held at the Tintin shop, Covent Garden, in April

The first performance of Bewnans Ke in 500 years by members of the class - a link to a film of the performance can be found on the Materials page

At the Cornish Gorsedd on 7th Sep. Edwina Dorman became a bard

Mark Trevethan (prose) & Philip Chadwick (poetry) won prizes in the 2013 Gorsedd competition. Read the winning entries on the Materials page.

Briar Wood won the poetry prize in the 2013 Holyer An Gof awards for her book 'Welcome Beltane'

Term dates:

27-Sep-2019 to 13-Dec-2019

17-Jan-2020 to 27-Mar-2020

24-Apr-2020 to 03-Jul-2020

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